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What people say about WEMSI-International courses and our team

The WFR course by WEMSI exceeded my expectations. The classroom modules were led by an experienced and best in class faculty, drawing on advanced paramedics, doctors, physiotherapists , rescue service teams and military expertise. The classroom learning was reinforced by very challenging practical scenarios. An exhausting but exhilarating course that I would highly recommend to anyone who works or plays in the outdoors.

Eimear, WFR 2023

I would recommend the following WFR course by WEMSI because it’s run by very experienced professionals who live, breath and work in the health care field. The course is run with a great balance of practical hands on learning and lectures.
I cannot recommend this course enough. If you want to level up your first aid book the course, you won’t be disappointed.

Shane, WFR 2023

I would recommend the WEMSI WP programme because, as a doctor, it lets me practice caring for patients in a more resource limited setting, and helped me be more flexible when dealing with practical constraints. But most of all, it’s a really fun week of learning with interesting people!

Stewart, WP 2023

I have recently returned from a month long remote mountainous expedition where I had the role of medic and guide. During the trip I had to deal with the standard complaints, but I also had to deal with a life threatening HACE condition. There was no chance of easy foot descent & I had a 9 hour wait till first possible heli evac. So often you hear the phrase “It was a series of small mistakes that led to the large catastrophe”. But rarely hear the opposite. Thankfully for me it was the latter that described the events up on the mountain side. Many things happened that night that would have killed the casualty had I not made the right prep. But I can honestly say that the main reason I saved this man’s life was because of the training I have completed with WEMSI. Thank you WEMSI. See you again in another 2 years.

Dave, WEMT 2016

A really great experience. Very ‘full on’ with lots of valuable learning opportunities. Would also do it again tomorrow.

Tim, WEMT 2016

Very challenging week. Absolutely wrecked. Did not want it to end. Phenomenal! Would do it again in the morning.

Ronan, WEMT 2016

Great course with good real content and lots of laughs.

Dave, WEMT Refresher 2016

I attended the W-EMT training course at Glenmore last November (16), it’s the second time I’ve completed this course. The faculty are very friendly, humble and incredibly knowledgeable, the accommodation, food and hospitality is fantastic, the course content is exceptional, and the realistic training exercises are great stress-inoculators and great confidencebuilders. Book it, you won’t regret it.

Ben, WEMT 2016

Just a quick note to say hi! and many thanks for such a great course and probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

Your knowledge, commitment, enthusiasm and dedication blew me away and I really appreciated the huge amount of hours you put in to provide us with such a great course.

I’ve learned loads and feel much better equipped to deal with wilderness medical emergencies.

November 2011

Just a quick one to say thanks again for a superb course! By far the best course I’ve been on in the last ten years – clear, concise instruction delivered in a realistic, practical and professional way. As a course facilitator myself, I was super impressed by the smoothness of the entire operation, as I’m sure the behind-the-scenes logistics and workload was staggering.

November 2011

Thanks again for such a brilliant course. I learnt heaps and genuinely felt it was one of the best medical courses I’ve attended.

November 2011

The expert WEMSI faculty delivers the W-EMT program in a switched-on, professional and very enthusiastic way.

November 2011

A brilliant course with plenty of hands-on skills training. It definitely exceeded expectations…the lodge, the food, and even the weather could not have been better.

November 2011

The course was great; the lodge staff were friendly, professional and efficient, accommodation was clean and comfortable, and the catering superb.

November 2011