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WEMSI-International introduces a new course…..

25th May, 2016 WEMSI-International

Saturday 14th May 2016 – Upper reaches of the river Liffey,  Kippure Estate, high above Dublin, in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland:
After much deliberation and consultation we whittled down the list of titles for the new WEMSI 1 day course to  “Med Students Go Wild” or “Wild Med Students” “Wild students of Med” “Students Wild Of Med” or ” Crazy Med Students & Wild WEMSI people”. We couldn’t decide, so it’s now known as the “The course that must not be named”.  Anyway, 20 happy smiley Medical students from different universities , dressed in everything from disco gear to hard core mountain ninja threads, subjected themselves to the rigours of mountain medicine training for the day. They were brilliant.  The sun beat down (who knew?) and the Kishus were fashioned into giant parasols to protect the volunteer patients from fatal heat stroke (Ireland??). There wasn’t a powerpoint slide in sight as we played outside all day, splinting, log rolling, dressing, de-fibbing and radio-ing for medevac choppers and mountain rescue teams to our hearts content. The Med students were a real credit to their universities, with razor sharp minds, wonderful sense of humour and physical abilities the WEMSI instructors could only faintly remember from their own youth. It’s safe to say, that the Med students loved it and embraced the MacGyver approach to mountain medicine with great gusto. Hopefully “The 3 Hippos” will creep into their way of thinking back on the hospital wards and maybe some of them will be drawn back to the hills to use their medical skills when they qualify.  The WEMSI crew and volunteers had a brilliant day.  Definitely one to be repeated. Long live wilderness medicine and all who partake.

Dr George Little

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