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WEMT Booking Page

Thank you for requesting to book Wilderness Emergency Technician (WEMT) course in Scotland.

Please fill in the following Pen Picture so that we can confirm suitability for your course. This will be forwarded to our vetting Doctor who will contact you for further information if necessary.

You are required to pay a deposit as below, this is normally a PayPal transaction. If you do not have a PayPal we can give you the option of electronically transferring the deposit within 72 hours. Selecting that option will forward you the bank details.

WEMT Booking Form

Pen Picture for the WEMT course

  • Please insert details of Charity you are involved with and reason for applying for discout. Include the Charities Number.
  • If you are a registered healthcare professional, please enter your registration number here. (eg Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, etc.)
  • The professional body you are registered (eg Medical Council, Nursing Board, HCPC etc), including country.